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  • 2-in-1 use: hand-held and vertical, You can choose a more suitable way to use it according to your needs.
  • With ergonomic handle, comfortable for holding and operating.
  • Hand washing filter cotton, Durable and useful, can be repeatedly cleaned.
  • Large capacity dust box, Can meet the needs of super-large area cleaning, convenient for daily use.
  • Suitable for cleaning on hardwood, carpet, tile floors, car, bed and so on.
  • Foldable body, easy to carry and carry.
  • 10s steam, ironing clothes need not wait long.
  • Steaming and ironing, wrinkle removal and 99.99% sterilization.
  • A variety of ironing methods, flat hot / hanging hot / oblique hot.
  • The patented water storage area is designed to last for a long time.
  • Double safety protection measures, double peace of mind, high temperature is not dangerous.
  • Digital touch control display temperature screen
  • Chlorine removal and insulation
  • Stainless steel and silicone material, much safer and healthier
  • Folding body, portable and lightweight
  • Retractable and removable handle, flexible and convenient to hold
  • Base groove, creative design and easy to restore
  • 12cm in diameter, easy to operate and clean
  • Free 3 pin multi plug
  • 烧水 - Boil water
  • 除氯 - Remove Chlorine
  • 保温 - Keep Warm
  • 温度调节 - Adjust Temperature
  • 开/关功能 -  On / Off Function